Friday, January 3, 2014

So Here's What You Missed

I had two weeks worth of Thanksgiving guests. The first week was your typical giving of thanks. Lots of food, some extra coins, and family fun. The second week was Frozen follow ironically by the Icepocalypse. During the Icepocalypse I pig hogged a 1000 piece puzzle.

I was worried that I wouldn't get my moneys worth of Netflix for the month. I didn't plan ahead to get a family friendly dvd so it sat on a shelf for two weeks. I was off work for the first week and not getting enough sleep the second week, I was napping during my lunch break instead of watching sitcoms on my phone, so the streaming half of Netflix was also going to waste. But then the girls discovered the A-Team. We watched the first thirteen episodes before they had to leave.

The girls got to go home on December 9th. My empty nest syndrome combined with my usual Bah Humbugness plus a cold that still hasn't gone away made for a pretty depressing couple weeks. I felt like death the day they left, but finally started my Christmas shopping. I was the worst kind of person when it came to shopping this year. So bad that I considered converting to extrovertism.

The most popular Christmas gift with my family this year was the sickness, and we were very generous. At last count 19 of 34 had the sickness in one form or another. I was sick all day Sunday. I didn't weigh before or after Christmas, but I expect I broke even or lost some instead of gaining the usual Festivus 15. I didn't lose at cards though.

My fantasy football teams had great regular seasons. I finished the season with two #1 and two #2 seeds and one terrible team. Unfortunately 3 of the 4 lost in the opening round of the playoffs. The fourth won the championship.

I can't think of anything else going on lately other than, "There be dragons!"


  1. Love your sum-up! I knew most of this stuff already but so enjoy hearing how you tell it! The A-Team was a huge success and much appreciated as was all of your Thanksgiving hospitality! I feel your Christmas-shopping and humbug pain, but we loved our gifts! As for weighing, assume you broke even or lost--guess that's the silver lining if we are forced to find one!

  2. Also--I was wondering if I could get some sort of prize... my bunch is now five for five on both sicknesses! UGH!!

  3. I've been shocked that I was able to dodge the stomach bug, the flu, and the bah humbugs this year.